Tuition, Textbooks and Fees




    Baisic textbooks are the Bible, almost 2,000 pages of student notebooks, and the over 1,000 page Willmingtons Guide to the Bible. 

    All Workbooks and Willmingtons Guide to the Bible are included in the Tuition Fee.


Tuition and Fees


    Application & App. fee for new students must be post marked by: November 15th (for spring) or by July 1st (for fall). Returning Students must register by class 10 of the current semester.

Late Registration Schedule
Spring Semester Oct. 2 Nov. 30  Fall Semester June 1 - July 14
Last Minute Registration Shedule
Spring Semester After Dec. 1    Fall Semester After July 15

Payment Plan


    The Application Fee is due with the Application, However,Tuition is not due untill classes begin. Students may pay the entire amount the first class or make monthly payments on weeks 1, 4, & 8

Complete Payment plans are sent with course materials.


Electives may be taken individually apart from the 3 year Bible program

Early Registration Schedule
Spring Semester Deadline Oct. 1   Fall Semester Deadline May 31