A word about your instructor


John T. Yates (AA,BS,MAR)


  • Founder & Instructor of Faith Bible Institute since 1985

  • Has taught through the Bible 10 times

  • Senior Pastor of Rowland Road Baptist Church since 2001, where he was Associate Pastor from 1984-2001, Leading educational, youth, bus, childrens college, and radio ministries. Began preaching in 1978 (age 15).

  • Popular speaker in churches, caps, revivals, schools, college campuses, and conferences across the US.

  • Author of two 7 volume commentary sets on the Old and New Testiments, a 4 volume set on Theology, as well as works onProphecy, Angels, Scientific & Biblical Creationism, Evangelism, and Decipleship.

  • Graduate of the University of Louisiana at Monroe with an Associate of arts in general studies & Psychology

  • Graduate of Liberty University with a Bachelors of Science in Pastoral studies & Counseling and a Master of arts in Religion & Counseling.

  • Post graduate Old & New Testament studies in Isreal.