Go unto all the world, and preach the Gospel to all creatures.


...and He said unto them,

Mark 16:15 KJV

    Missions ministries are an important part of our Church.   We believe it is biblical for us to support those of like faith who are called to go where the local church can’t.  All missions ministries supported by Calvary Baptist Winchester must hold our doctrinal foundation and beliefs, guaranteeing the Word of God is ministered accurately. We actively support many worthwhile ministries and missionaries locally and abroad.   The Calvary Baptist Winchester Mission Fund is wholly separate from the general Church fund and 100% of all donations are distributed between our many missions ministries at the Church's discretion.  


    Please pray with us for these missionaries, their families, and the ministries we support, Thank you.

World Wide Missions

Bro. Andrew Tonkin,  missionary to the Amazon


Bro. Michael, Sis. Martha Hart and family, missionaries to Colombia


Bro Lovimie, Sis Gina Roda & Family, missionaries to the Philippines


BEAMS-Bible Education And Missionary Service

    We raise funds through offerings from local, independent, Bible-believing Baptist churches to purchase and supply whole, hardback​ King James ​ Bibles for missionaries to give to those who are saved on the foreign mission fields.

State side & Regional Missions

Evangelist Steve & Sis Barbara Freeman,

    Preaching God's word to churches in America, through revivals and youth meetings.


Bro Ricky, Sis Rena Burnette & Family, 

    Serving as missionaries with Rock of Ages Ministries (ROAM).  They are taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to prisons, schools, college campuses, military bases & assisting missionaries from local churches to start new churches in places where there is not a Bible believing, Bible preaching, Bible teaching church. 


Bro Jimmy, Sis Staci Moize & Family,

    After much prayer, the Lord confirmed His call upon our life to plant Gospel Baptist Church in the Middle Tennessee area of Dickson County in August 2012.  The majority of churches in this part of the state are Church of Christ with a strong stance on baptismal regeneration and works salvation.  There is a great need for churches here that teach salvation by grace through faith, stand firm on the King James Bible, and sing old fashioned hymns.  Our goal is to see this church established and use it as a base to plant other churches in this area as the Lord allows.


New Freedom Camp Meeting, ​

​    Old Fashioned Camp Meeting held in April and October at New Freedom Missionary Baptist Church, Hodgenville, Ky...Pastor Jerry Byrd


Faith Baptist Camp,

    The mission of Faith Baptist Camp is to provide a place for you and your family where you can "Come Apart" and enjoy a week of Bible Preaching and Christian Fellowship.  We hold three week long camp meetings each year, beginning on the Fourth Sunday in June, the First Sunday in August, and Thanksgiving week in November!


Christian Law Association, 

    Provides free legal assistance to Bible-believing churches and Christians who are experiencing difficulty in practicing their religious faith.


Gospel Text,

     We are an independent, faith missionary ministry to and through the local Bible-believing church.  Our desire is to give away Gospel signs so that believing families can display them as a part of their witness for Christ.

Victory In Jesus Printing Ministry,

    Providing  Gospel tracts, books, revival flyers and other printing services to local churches.


The Leake Family,

    Sent out of the Morning Star Baptist Church of Cleveland North Carolina, Bro J.D. Leake and Family are church planting Missionaries to Allen Texas.

The Davis Family,

    Sent out from the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Asheboro North Carolina, Bro Allen Davis and family are church planting Missionaries to Chester Carolina.