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Preaching from the pulpit of Calvary Baptist Winchester

Due to the duration of some sermons they have been split into multiple parts and are noted as such in their title.

 ALL sermons on this site are free for download and distribution.

This page is always being updated with new sermons.

Check back often for new postings.

A Little Patch of Heaven on Earth

Getting Good at being a Stranger

Luke CH23

The Trapper Man

When God makes the best of your mess

Seven Devils (4/1/2018 AM Service)

Personal Relationships (4/1/2018 PM Service)

Don't Be a Judas (4/8/2018 AM Service)

The Believer's Walk (4/8/2018 PM Service)

Doubtful Dispensations (4/11/2018 Wed Service)

Be a Good Steward (4/15/2018 AM Service)

The Impact of Stephen (4/15/2018 PM Service)

The Zeal of Thine House (4/18/2018 Wed Service)

This Woman (4/22/2018 AM Service)

Roman's CH8 (4/22/2018 PM Service)

The Lord's Prayer (5/2/2018 Wed Service)

Second Chance (5/6/2018 AM Service)

Failures of the Church (5/6/2018 PM Service)

Philipians (5/9/2018 Wed Service)

The Day a Nobody became Somebody (5/13/2018 AM Service)

The Servant is not greater than the Master (5/16/2018 Wed Service)

Hebrews CH4 (5/20/2018 AM Service)

John CH12 (5/20/2018 PM Service)

Eternal Security (5/23/2018 Wed Service)

Matthew CH6 (5/30/2018 Wed Service)

Israel (6/13/2018 Wed Service)

Father's Day (6/17/2018 Sunday School)

In the Blood (6/17/2018 AM Service)

Assurance of Saving Faith (6/17/2018 PM Service)

Hebrews CH5 (6/20/2018 Wed Service)

Ephesians CH6 (6/24/2018  Sunday School)

Isaiah 50 (6/24/2018 AM Service)

The Bread of Life (6/24/2018 PM Service)

Luke CH5 (6/27/2018 Wed Service)

John CH3 (7/1/2018 Sunday School)

Will You Stay with the King (7/1/2018 AM Service)

Six People's Stories (7/1/2018 PM Service)

Luke CH 24 (7/22/2018 Sunday School)

Be Not Afraid (7/22/2018 AM Service)

How To Become a Christian (7/29/2018 Sunday School)

Doing Your Part and Carrying Your Corner (7/29/2018 AM Service)

Phillipians 4:13 (7/29/2018 PM Service)

Repentance and Victory (8/1/2018 Wed Service)

The Book of Ephesians - part 1 (8/5/2018 Sunday School)

The Name of Christ (8/5/2018 Sunday AM Service)

Stay in the Fight (8/5/2018 Sunday PM Service)

The Name of Jesus (8/8/2018 Wed Service)

The Book of Ephesians - part 2 (8/12/2018 Sunday School)

Being a Child of God (8/12/2018 Sunday AM Service)

Seek the Lord (8/12/2018 Sunday PM Service)

The Crumbling Foundations in America (8/15/2018 Wed Service)

The Story of Caleb (8/19/2018 Sunday School)

The Proper Observance of the Lord's Day (8/19/2018 Sunday AM Service)

The Way (8/19/2018 Sunday PM Service)

Holiness (8/22/2018 Wed Service)

The Book of Ephesians - part 3 (8/26/2018 Sunday School)

Think of the Good Things (8/26/2018 Sunday AM Service)

Sign up for Suffering (08/29/2018 Wed Service)

The Book of Ephesians - part 4 (9/2/2018 Sunday School)

Your Sins have withheld good from you(9/2/2018 Sunday AM Service)

Matthew 22 (9/2/2018 Sunday PM Service)

The Book of Ephesians - part 5 (9/9/2018 Sunday School)

Hell (9/9/2018 Sunday AM Service)

The Risk of Falling through the cracks (9/9/2018 Sunday PM Service)

Religious but Lost (9/12/2018 Wednesday Service)

The Danger of wasting your life (9/16/2018 Sunday AM Service)

Sunday School (9/16/2018 SS)

For Truth's Sake (9/19/2018 Wednesday Service)

The Law, Romans 8 (9/23/2018 SS)

No Place for Them (9/23/2018 Sunday AM Service)

Rebuilding the Walls (9/26/2018 Wednesday Service)

The Condition of the Church (9/30/2018 SS)

The Love of God (9/30/2018 Sunday AM Service)

Don't Let Things Slip (9/30/2018 Sunday PM Service)

Your Role in the Ministry (10/03/2018 Wednesday Service)

Being a Fundamentalist (10/7/2018 SS)

Take Jesus as He Is, part 1 (10/7/2018 Sunday AM Service)

Take Jesus as He Is, part 2 (10/7/2018 Sunday PM Service)

Will Someone Please Hide the Child (10/10/2018 Wednesday Service)

The New Covenant (10/14/2018 SS)

Trying to get the Glory back using a New Cart, part 1 (10/14/2018 Sunday AM Service)

Trying to get the Glory back using a New Cart, part 2 (10/14/2018 Sunday PM Service)

Be Careful not to get Snake Bit (10-17-2018 Wednesday Service)

Vote (10/21/2018 Sunday School)

Dressed for the Occasion (10-/21/2018 Sunday AM Service)

This Same Jesus (10/21/2018 Sunday PM Service)

Go Ye (10/24/2018 Wednesday Service)

Jesus and Prophecy (10/28/2018 Sunday School)

The Stone in your Garden (10/28/2018 Sunday AM Service)

The Baptism of the Spirit (11/4/2018 Sunday School)

Joy Cometh in the Morning (11/4/2018 Sunday AM Service

Matthew 24 (11/4/2018 Sunday PM Service)

Repentance (11/7/2018 Wednesday Service)

Sunday School (11/11/2018)

The Sure Mercies of David (11/11/2018 Sunday AM Service)

Marriage (11/11/2018 Sunday PM Service)

Prayer (11/18/2018 Sunday School)

The Secrets To Resisting Temptation (11/18/2018 Sunday AM Service)

Do Trials make you Bitter or Better (11/18/2018 Sunday PM Service)

Being Thankful (11/21/2018 Wednesday Service)

A Whole Hearted Walk (11/25/2018 Sunday School)

What Every Church Needs (11/25/2018 Sunday AM Service)

The Door (11/28/2018 Wednesday Service)

Worldwide Missions (12/2/2018 Sunday School)

The Tabernacle (12/2/2018 Sunday AM Service)

The Comfort Inn (12/2/2018 Sunday PM Service)

Matthew 3 (12/5/2018 Wednesday Service)

Hebrews - part 1 (12/9/2018 Sunday School) 

I Am What I Am (12/9/2018 Sunday AM Service)

Things you can Lose (12/9/2018 Sunday PM Service)

Hebrews 12 (12/12/2018 Wednesday Service)

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