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    Every single one of the seven billion people on earth will spend eternity in Heaven or Hell.  Jesus Christ has commanded us to give the Gospel to every creature.  This includes family members, co - workers, fellow students, neighbors, friends, and those we meet in daily activities.  Most Christians are aware both of the need of the lost souls and of their own responsibility to witness.  Yet few Christians actually share their faith.


    The goal of this course is to help believers gain the ability to effectively share their faith with others.  Those who are fearful or feel inadequate in their ability will be emboldened and equipped with the knowledge to become seasoned soul winners for Christ.  The emphasis of this course is on DOING rather than theory and classroom knowledge.  Through this course you will learn how to use Gospel tracts, how to effectively share your faith, how to open a conversation, how to prepare your Bible for witnessing, and how to lead a soul to Christ.  You will be taught practice techniques to build confidence, you will practice alone, in class with others, and you will finally go out and witness to an unbeliever.


    Every Christian can benefit from this course.  We encourage you join us for this exciting opportunity to grow your ability to win the lost to Christ.


  • Class begins June 5, 2016 @ 2:00 PM

  • Class held at Calvary Baptist Church in Winchester TN.

  • Enrollment is open to anyone at least 14 years of age

  • Special discounts available for family members living in the same home

  • Open enrollment through May 8, 2016

  • A $24.00 late fee will be applied after May 8, 2016

  • Class tuition $25.00 per person

  • Family members living in the same home $15.00 ea.

  • For more information contact the Calvary Baptist Church office 

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